We’re Celebrating the Sun!

Solar Appreciation Day

March 8 is Solar Appreciation Day

As a power company deeply invested in solar energy, we celebrate the sun and its remarkable potential to shape a sustainable future.

At Tampa Electric, we understand the importance of renewable energy sources. In that realm, solar power really shines. Our commitment to harnessing solar energy highlights our dedication to long-term affordability for our customers, our environmental stewardship and our innovation.

Today, we generate energy from 1,252 megawatts (MW) of solar capacity, enough to power more than 200,000 homes. Construction began in January for the next phase of solar power, with more planned by the end of 2026. At that time, we’ll have more than 1,600 MW of solar, which will be able to serve 260,000 homes. When those projects are complete, we’ll have about 17 percent of our energy generated from the sun.

Our investment in solar energy helps to:

Illuminating and Innovating

Through initiatives like community solar programs, we empower individuals and businesses to participate in the renewable energy revolution. Our customers can support solar energy with our Sun Select or Sun to Go programs.

Customers who are just dipping their toes into rooftop solar energy exploration can get answers to many questions in the Solar 101 section of our website.

We’re also busy researching new solar technologies right in our own backyard. From floating solar panels on otherwise unusable bodies of water to energy storage solutions, the possibilities are bright!

Happy Solar Appreciation Day!

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